Teaching Children

I have had the honor over the last year to teach Sunday school at my church.  I love children, they say the funniest things, they are eager to please, and they are eager to learn.  At least the little ones I teach.

About a month ago I resigned from teaching Sunday school for at least a little while.  This last Sunday was my last time to be the Sunday school teacher and I had forgot the book that we use to teach the children.  I told pastors wife I had forgot it and would figure it out.  I started to pray and asked God what he wanted me to do for Sunday school.  In a small voice I heard the words Holy Spirit.  So I asked God, what about the Holy Spirit would you like me to teach.  I heard the words Holy Spirit functions….

As I started to prepare for the Sunday school class, I couldn’t help but to think isn’t this a little too deep for 1-5 graders????  I told God I would do it but to guide everything that was written and taught.

As I started Sunday School, the children just didn’t understand what I was saying.  I was actually quite surprised at how very little they knew of the Holy Spirit.  I stopped what I was teaching, and prayed with the little ones.  I started to list the functions of the Holy Spirit on the white board.  I Asked a lot of questions.  And read the verses out of the Bible that pertained to the Holy Spirit (good thing I had the verses all listed).

By the end of the class, these children understood what I was teaching.  They were actually very excited!  Which again surprised me.  Normally when the little ones know the Service is out they run out the door.  This time they all stayed seated, and wouldn’t get up from their seat, even when the parents were waiting at the door.  They were hungry to hear more.

Teaching the children about the stories in the bible is good, but they need to know more.  They need to be taught what you and I know.  As I told the children in class, “yes you are children, but God gives special gifts to all his people.  If you have asked God into your heart and you live your life as the bible instructs, you have the gift(s), you can use the gift(s) that God has given you.”  I told them that if they don’t know what their Gift is that all they have to do is pray that God reveal it to them and in his timing he will show them.  God can use children and does use children.

Its time we all teach the children the meat of God.  They do understand, as I have just recently learned.  Not only do they understand but they get on fire to hear more.

I want to leave you with a response from one of the little ones during Sunday school.  I asked the question to all of them, “if God gave you the option of what gift you received from him what would it be?”  One said, “I would want all the gifts.”  I asked why she would want all of them.  She said, “so more people would love God.”

Isn’t this so true?  God gives us gifts for the church, but also for unbelievers.  For the church it builds faith.  For the unbelievers it causes many to believe…