In my first post I spoke about a word that God had given me.   God had told me that this is the time for all to pick a side.  That there is no more standing in the middle, no more gray areas.

We as Christians or those who profess to be Christians need to stop living in the gray areas, standing in the middle of the fence.  We need to live by Gods standards not our own standards or the worlds standards.  We need to be the light, we need to be the salt, we need to be bold, we need to Love…

Not all people that say they are Christians or people that say they know God will go to heaven. 

Mathew 7:21-22 Jesus said, not every person who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.  But the person who does the will of God.  Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’

I encourage all to take an inventory of their lives.  Get rid of the things that are not of God.  God is calling his church to a true repentance.  A repentance that comes from the bottom of you soul.  None of us are past that.  None of us are pure and perfect.  All Christians and non Christians are called to repent. God wants to do unbelievable things with the church these last days.  If we do not have a deep relationship with him, a true relationship with him he will not cover us.  He will not protect.  You will not be apart of the awesome wave of power that will fall on the church.

God bless




God has been speaking to me a lot about deception the last two weeks.  He has been reminding me that Satan imitates.  I thought about when Moses was trying to bring the Israelites out of captivity.  God had instructed Aaron to perform a few miracles to show pharaoh that it was God that had sent them.  Then Pharaoh called his magicians to come and perform the same signs.  If magicians were able to perform signs and wonders, can it not be done today???  Like I said Satan is an imitator.  He is the ruler of this world and a master at deception.  I would like to remind all Christians to seek God in all things.  Do not believe all things you read, do not believe all things that is on media, and do not believe all things that you hear. Ask God for discernment for all things.  What appears to be good, may not…What appears to be a sign, may not.  I implore all to seek wisdom and discernment from God.

God Bless

Prayer for the nations


Lord God I pray for Christians. that you would give a boldness to proclaim your word.  A hunger to know you deeper.  Lord God I pray that you would Open our eyes and ears to you.  Lord God that you would teach us to love according to your word.  Lord God I ask you to fill us with your power, your spirit, your love, your peace.  Embolden us right now.  Lord God you are so good.  You never forsake us, You have cleansed us and you guide us.  Oh Lord your love, your love changes lives.  All praises and honor to you Lord God.  I bind you Satan and break your power over our minds and will.  I command you Satan to release any strong hold you have over Gods children.  We are Gods chosen.  We are victorious and free because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We have all authority over you.  I command an immediate release of all Christians right now in the name of Jesus.  I command you to lift any spiritual blindness, sickness, and fear over Gods children.  Now, Now, Now in Jesus Christ name.

Lord God you have placed in my heart a burden for all those who don’t know you, the lost.  Lord God I ask that you would call them to you, that you will cause them to respond.  That your spirit would be upon them speaking to their hearts.  Cause people to come into their lives to speak of your love and encourage them in you.  Lord God that you give them an urgency and an understanding that you are calling them to you.    Lord God that you will pour out your spirit over the nations calling all to come forth.  Lord God that you would awaken them.  Lord God that you would empower all those who respond to you, that you will plant their feet in fertile soil, producing much fruit.  Lord God I pray that you would call all your harvester forth, all your warriors forth.  That now is the time to fight, to stand firm, to fight for your righteousness.  A mighty fight for the lost souls.  Lord God that you would send your Angles forth with a sword, conquering and fighting for the lost.  That the lost would find you in the darkness and sing of your goodness, that they would lift up your name above all else.  That they Lord God would stand up unwavering for you lord.  Empower then now Lord God, fill them and their house with your spirit.  Thank you lord God, thank you Lord God.

Lord God I declare revival is breaking out over the nations, over our children, over our leaders, Lord God that revival is breaking out.  Lord that many will come to know you.  Lord God that your spiritual gifts will break out over the church.  Lord God that the church would rise and claim their inheritance.

Lord God I lift up all the children in the nations.  Lord God I ask that you give them a special covering.  Father God that you would protect them.  Lord God that you would strengthen them in these times of confusion and corruption.  Lord God I ask that you would raise them up to serve you.  Lord God that they would serve you with all their hearts.  I speak blessing over their lives.  Lord God that where the world sees darkness they see your light.  Teach them, guide them Lord God.

I plead the blood of Jesus over our minds, eyes, and ears that we will not be deceived.  That we will not be swayed to do anything against your word against your truth.

I declare and decree that all these prayers are already in motion and we are filled with your power, your spirit, your strength.  Thank you Father God for your faithfulness.  Thank you Lord God for your mercy and love.  Thank you Lord God for giving your son for me, for all.



I have been thinking about love.  How the world loves, how we love, how God loves, how we love our family our friends.  Its easy to look at someone else and see how they do not love the way we think they should.  To point out either in our hearts or out loud to someone how they fail in that area.  But have we ever stopped and truly examined ourselves?  I am quick to anger when someone judges me or my family, to hold a grudge.  But is this love?  The bible tells me that this is not love.  Jesus showed us that this is not love.  This does not mean that the person that judges isn’t wrong, but we need to be more focused on ourselves.  After all we cant change the other person, only God can do that.  So I choose to pray instead of holding a grudge.  God will do the healing of the heart, God will do the prompting.  That is if we allow it.

I like the story in the bible about the adulterer that was going to be stoned.  Jesus stepped in and said to everyone, if you have no sin in your lives then throw the first stone.  Of course no one threw a stone.  We all fail we are all full of wrong.  How am I to judge someone else if I am full of wrong?  I think it fitting to let God do the judging, after all he is perfect.  He loves correctly.

Since birth others have taught me to love.  They told me how much they loved me but would call me names, abandon me, hit me, judge me, show no compassion or mercy and so forth.  Since this is my experience with love, this is how I loved.  But God tells us this is not love.  He tells us that love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs, love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preserves.  Love never fails.  This is not the love I gave or experienced, so I was wrong.  I have a choice to fix it.  I have to tell myself, just because I am going to fix something about myself, I cant expect everyone else to fix themselves.  I am simply doing it because God asks it of me.

In order to understand what God teaches on love, I had to look at a few scriptures.  I had to look at my experience of Gods love for me.  The bible tells us that Jesus is the Shepard and we are the flock.  That the Shepard will never leave us, he will never abandon us, and no matter how wrong we are his is still there loving us and reaching out to us.  God shows his love by guiding us, caring for us.  He transforms, renews, strengthens.  he fills with hope, joy and peace.  He comforts, he forgives and he gives salvation.  He is gentle and definitely patient.  God honors, he protects and he will answer when I call on him.  God corrects.  This is what love is.  This is how I should be striving to love.  Not the way I was taught, not the way someone else loves me and definitely not the way the world loves.  This includes loving myself correctly too.  During this journey I have ask myself, Self, how can I love like God?  I can not transform or renew someone.  This can be done in many ways.  Not the same way as God can but you or I can do it by simply using a kind word, uplifting someone, encouraging someone, or a kind gesture.  There have been many times in my life where my hope in people was gone.  Then someone would come along and do something extraordinary for either myself or someone else.  This transforms my thoughts.  It would restore or renew my hope in people.  Yes, I know that it is not exactly the same as God does it but its still in line with the way that God calls us to love.

The greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, mind and soul.  The second Greatest is to love your neighbor as you love yourself.  I asked myself why Gods greatest commandments are about love.  I believe its because love breaks down walls, it softens hearts, love is contagious.  We are called to love.  We MUST love ALL.  Gods grace found me and you as we were.  Gods grace meets us where we are.


Freedom of all fear.  Who wants this freedom????  My fear was fear of people.  Fear of what they say, fear of not being up to expectations, of being wrong.  God has called me to step out, to step out in faith.  In order to be free of fear we MUST step out of the box we put ourselves in.  To step out in faith.  Don’t fear man…For the spirit of the Lord is with you and within us.  Don’t quench the spirit.  Gods spirit.  For he has great things for you, for the purpose of his kingdom.