Dream: Children



Me and my husband were at our pastors house.  I knew we had just finished eating dinner.  Pastors wife was already planning another dinner, a Christmas dinner.  I noticed there were a lot of teens and children.  The atmosphere was dark in the house.  Children/teens were just coming in, going out, or just walking around.  I noticed two particular teens.  They both looked like males with long hair and kind of dressed grungy.  They were getting ready to leave the house.  But before they left I seen 4 airplane bottles of liquor.  One of them downed a bottle.  I had the sense that I needed to go talk to them about God.  As I was walking towards them I thought, “they can hurt or kill me.”  But I knew I had to go talk to them anyway.  I put my hand on one of their shoulders.  As they turned I noticed that one of them was really a female.  I told her that God loved her.  I asked her if she knew God.  She turned completely to me and said, “time is truly short.”  I said, “yes it is.  What if God were to come tomorrow, or even tonight?  What if you were to die tomorrow or even tonight?”  She turned around and walked out.  Pastors wife then asked me and my husband to come to their Christmas dinner.  She was still preparing for her Christmas dinner when she became dizzy and fainted.  I went over to her and she said to me, “Satan is doing something different, he is stepping up the attack on Christians.”  I confirmed to her that she was right (in my dream I had another dream showing me the conversation me and my husband had about this).  I wrapped my arms around her while she was on the ground.  I prayed over her, I prayed over her household, and I prayed over all Christians.

Me and my husband left their house.  It was the same outside.  Teens and children were everywhere.  I did not see any adults, no parents.  The atmosphere was the same too, dark.  Everywhere was dark or lightly dimmed.  All the kids seemed to be doing wrong.  When we got home, my son was there, and a little boy was with him (he looked like he was 6 years old).  My son asked if the little boy could stay.  In my dream I remember thinking: I had left my son home alone to do whatever he wanted.  That I had neglected him.  I also remember thinking that the parents were neglecting this little boy too.  He was filthy and his parents allowed him to be at my house alone.  I wondered who this child was and who his parents were.  I told my son the boy could stay.  The two boys were running inside and outside, they were doing what ever they wanted.  I didn’t stop them.  I remember thinking,  it was very dark outside.  I remember thinking, Its midnight.  I then woke up.

I honestly don’t know what this dream means yet, but feel lead by the Lord to share it anyway.






Prophetic dream is warning to all pastors…and to the rest of us

This is the same word from the Lord I received.  Please read and hear what the Lord God is saying.

Source: Prophetic dream is warning to all pastors…and to the rest of us



I am very grieved in my spirit over people who claim to be “Christians”.  My heart feels sad and I am ashamed of people who say they are Christians but look down on people who are not.  Who look at people with haughty and judgmental eyes.

So many times, I look through these posts under the tags that are related to God.  I come across posts from people who apparently are not Christian, or people who seem to be reaching out, and there is not one comment to the person who posted.  NONE.  Not one comment of encouragement, nothing….

Do you think you are a true Christian because you post about God.  Do you think you are a true Christian because you go to church, or read the bible.  Do you think you are a true Christian because you make better choices than your neighbor?  Let me tell you something “Christian”  God reads your heart, God reads your motives, God knows when you look at someone with haughty eyes, God will judge even “Christians”.

I am ashamed, I am ashamed to be called a Christian.  Too many people out there call themselves Christians but do not represent the true God, my God, the creator of heaven and earth, the creator of all life.  Where is your grace? where is your light? where is your love?

Christians are called to love!  Christians are called to bring people to God!  Are you bringing people to God with your haughty looks?    Are you bringing people to God by ignoring a call for help or encouragement!  Are you bringing people to God with your religious spirit?  God will judge you for every person you turned away from him.  Where is your love, Where is your grace?  Where are the true Christians?!

Dream – NWO/demons/Aliens


October 2015


I was at work and I went outside and looked up to the sky. I see a black hole or vortex.  I actually seen a short clip of one that someone caught on their video camera. If you can find it on UTUBE you will see exactly what was in my dream.

I knew I had to get home to the children. In my dream I thought, I only have one child at home who’s the other child. I was walking home when a relative was with me all of a sudden. We were talking about “aliens” coming out of the vortex. We were almost home then all of a sudden two of my other relatives were with us. Someone pointed up and said look something is coming out of the vortex. I looked up and seen a black figure coming out. In my spirit I was told to stop and be still. I stopped. Right when I was about to tell them to stop, the “Alien demon” swooped down right in front of my three relatives. He faced and spoke to one, while the other two were standing beside the “alien demon”

Its arms were made of swords that curved. His body was grayish black but looked human with no clothes on (but it did not have any gender). His height had to be at least 9-10 foot because while he was hunched down his shoulders came just below my family members head. His face looked human too. He had two eyes. His left eye was very small, it looked damaged. I knew he could not use it. His right eye was very large it spanned from the bridge of his nose to the side of his head. The large eye was sparkly with a greenish bluish color on it. It had many symbols around his eye. One symbol I recognized was a satanic star. It was just under the right corner of the big eye. The other symbols were the symbols used in astrology. Those symbols circled around his entire right eye.

The Alien demon said something to the one that he faced. I could not hear. He replied to the “alien demon, “then stab me in the stomach.” (I’m guessing that the demon gave him some type of ultimatum???) At that very moment the “alien demons” attention was pulled from him. In my spirit I knew he was searching/looking for me. I was about 3’ away from them next to a flimsy tree visible to anyone. The demon could not find me he could not see me. I then woke up.


There are two groups of people here. The group of 3 have two groups within its self.

You notice that the demon only confronted one, this represents most believers. They were not taught of the times we are in, or they didn’t listen to the times we are in. They are also those who were taught false doctrine and believed it. Although this one person is a Christian they did not hear the warning from God to stop and be still. This is because they have not given time to God to develop the relationship with him. They need to pray, read Gods word, repent, wait on the lord, and respond when God does speak, this is how you develop your spiritual ears. This type of group will stand up against the evil or alien demons but they will not be hidden or covered.

The other group with in itself are not believers in Christ Jesus. That is why there was no threat to them. The Alien Demon didn’t even bother them or look at them. This group will go to Hell. They will receive the mark of the beast.

This dream is a literal thing that will happen. Illuminati or New world order/aka eye of Horus-or all seeing eye/false Gods, Alien demons, Satanism, spiritualism. These are all separate but of one spirit. Antichrist…

I just got done studying this. I had no prior knowledge before this dream. It was a very interesting study. They all intertwined. For those who do not have knowledge of the eye of Horus or the all seeing eye, I would encourage you to study. It will lead you to many twists and turns. It opened my eyes.

Word from God to these 3 different groups of people:

unbelievers:  Repent, Repent turn from your ways, turn to me the everlasting to everlasting.  Stop running to and fro.  Stop pursuing the world, come to me, come to me and rest.  I will take away your worldly desires, your worldly lusts.  I will restore, I will heal, I will give you everlasting to everlasting waters.  Drink and be filled.  Repent, turn from yourselves, turn from the world.  Come to me, come to me and be filled.

Christians that do not have a personal relationship:  Seek me today, seek my word today, open your ears today.  Pray to me today.   Search for me and you will find me.  Come to me my child.  Hear and see what times we are in.  Search my truth, search my word and your eyes will be opened.  Search me and my word and you will hear me, you will be guided by me, you will be covered my me.

Gods people:  I will protect you, the enemy will not see you because you are covered by my grace.  We are in a time of great deception.  We are in the time of the falling away.  Remember, even my Elect may be deceived.  Seek me and my truth in all things.  Keep searching me daily, keep praying without seizing, keep reading my word and I will continue to reveal my truth, my word.  Do not be deceived.  I will come down like a flaming fire to devour the enemy, I will come, I will have mercy on my people.  Do not be afraid during these times, do not be deceived during these times.  Search my word, seek me said the Lord.

Praise you Lord God!  All honor and all Glory to him.  God is exposing the plans of Satan at this hour.  Hear what the Lord is saying.