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God has revealed to me that THIS IS the time of Mathew 24.  We are at the birthing pains that Jesus talked about.  Jesus is telling his church not to worry, that these things MUST come.  There will be a covering over his church.  His church will go through these things but wont affect us like the rest.  We are at the time of the big war between God and Satan.  This is the time of a physical and spiritual war.  That we are and will see all the things Jesus foretold in Mathew.  The word God gave me about the shifting on the earth is Satan’s power/influence running wild.  God will no longer hold him back (gods hand has lifted), he is loose.  The shifting in the heavens is the release of Gods spirit over the nations.  Touching all the lost souls and “Christians” that are balancing on the fence, IT IS THE TIME to pick a side.  There is no more waiting or having both sides any longer.  Gods spirit will primarily be for these two groups.  th[9]

The shifting in the heavens is also the outpouring of Gods power over the true church’s.  His power will enable us to help in the fight.  This is the time to stand in Gods full power.  That our roots will be planted firmly in fertile soil.  Its time to step up and step out in Gods fullness.  This is were Acts 4 comes in.  This is going to be awesome to witness!

Acts 4: 29-31  Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. 30 Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” 31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

I keep getting these words brought to my minds forefront:  This is it, this is NOW.  There is no more time.  God will not wait any longer.  God is calling his harvesters forth, God is calling his warriors forth.  Boldness, Love, do not fear, step up and grab Gods power, obedience, true repentance.  God wants us to step outside of our comfort zone.  Not to let fear bind us any longer so we can be used by God.  If we as a church, as individuals do not step up and out we are not being obedient.  We are telling God no.  God will not use someone who wont allow it.  God is calling his church to a true love of people.  God is calling his church to repent for a religious spirit.  Legalism and a religious spirit pushed people away.  This is not God’s love.

I would like to mention that not all who claim to be Christians are true Christians.  I encourage all who believe in God, (or even those who don’t believe) to invite him into your heart or rededicate your life to him.  Take an inventory of your life and repent of the sins and ask God to guide your feet, hands, mind and mouth.  Ask God to re-direct your feet into the path that he has for you.

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Times of trial

Good day!

I have just come out of a season of tremendous trial.  No physical thing happened but I was under attach in my heart my mind.

I have been going through this for about a month or so.  But the last two weeks Satan stepped up the attach!  Many accusation clouded my mind.  Much doubt clouded my mind.  I was at the end of the rope dangling off a cliff with no more strength.  I declared Gods goodness, I declared Gods promises I pled the blood of Jesus of my house and family but still nothing would break.  I was pleading with God on my knees with much crying to intervene.  To tell the truth, I was truly scared.  I was so confused, so hopeless, I was starting to believe the lies the accusations.

Then God stepped in….

I had a dream on Sunday morning.  I was walking up my stairs and trying to speak “in Jesus name, In Jesus name”.  Nothing would come out.  My lips and voice were sealed.  I knew Satan was right behind me on the stairs.  When I got to the top of the stairs, I turned around to look down the stairs.  Satan and I were face to face and I tried to speak again but nothing would come out.  Then I said, Get under my feet Satan.  I kept repeating it and pretty soon I was shouting it.  “Get under my feet Satan in Jesus name!”  I then woke up.  I asked God to give me a confirmation to this dream.  I looked on my email, and I seen a new post from someone I follow on this site.  It said, Keep your foot on Satan’s neck.

Since then all is back to normal.  I believe that I was warring in my spirit.

When It seems there is no way, God provides the way.  For anyone who may be going through something similar to this, keep faith and stand firm in the Lord.  He will rescue you, he will provide a way.  I believe, if you are a child of God everything must pass through his hands before it reaches us.  Good and hard times.  Christians must go through trials and temptations.  This refines us.  It draws us closer.  It also puts me in place : ).