Catastrophe after catastrophe

We are getting ready to go into tremendous times.  the lord has been speaking to me about this for a while now.  Preparing me, probably preparing the rest of his people too.

It will come one right after another.  catastrophe after catastrophe.  We will not even be able to find our footing, we will not even be able to catch a breath….  The world has turned from the creator.  We will be reaping what the world has sown.  The church continues to sleep.  The church continues to be lukewarm and they are even being conformed to the world.  The church is being led astray by false prophets and teachers.  Some churches are watering down the message and not feeding the flock.  While others hear what God is saying to the church but forget as soon as they walk out the door.

The bible talks about this time period we are currently in and the time period we are at the verge of going into.  But I cant help but be saddened still.  I cant help but to question how so many don’t understand the times we are in and the times we are about to go into…I don’t understand why the church isn’t standing up.  Intellectually I get it, because I believe everything in the bible.  But spiritually, its really hard sometimes to watch and warn.  And always getting a def ear, a blind eye, or a hateful heart.  I am sure happy that the creator strengthens me and leads me.  I am sure grateful that he will protect and provide for his people during these times we are about to go into.  Keep your eyes on God, seek his truth in all things, pray without ceasing.