Gender identity school policy Washington State

I was shocked to find out a couple minutes ago that my childs school, along with the other schools in Washington state have adopted the Gender Identity policies that the Obama Administration has been pushing. I never received a letter from the school, not a call from the school, nor did I receive a newsletter from the school with this change in policy!

For those who are not familur with this policy push by the Obama Administration:

Students will be allowed to use the restroom or lockeroom that corresponds to the gender identity they assert at school. No student will be required to use a restroom or lockeroom that conflicts with his or her gender identity.

Definition of Gender Identity: refers to ones deeply felt internal sense of being female, or male, or both, or neither, regardless of their assigned at birth.

This is just NUTS!!!!  It is basically saying that if I feel like a man I can go into any restroom I feel like at the moment.  I found out about it by looking at the actual policies of the school.  I was actually trying to find a different policy and found this crazy nutzo policy.  My son is just going into the 5th grade.  I did not expect this at all.  Just out of curiosity I looked at the other school districts in Washington State and they all had the same policy.

Hold tight of your children and make sure to teach them to start looking at everyone around them, guide them, and pray for their safety.