1973 End times vision

Hi everyone!  I haven’t written in a while…God has been dealing with me : ).

I have been doing very good.  In fact I am again reminded of Gods great love and mercy in my life.  This is always good!

About 6 months back I asked God 5 question that I really wanted to know.  He answered one the same night with a dream.  Three of the questions are yet to be answered but the remaining one I still haven’t addressed was most recently revealed.  I asked God, “God what is the great deception that even the elect may be deceived?”  He has answered me by allowing me to go through it….I was deceived, I mean, I didn’t even know I was being deceived.  It was so subtle at first.  So subtle.  It seemed that what I was being taught or shown was truly of God.  It sounded right, heck it even aligned with Gods word at first. 

That crafty serpent!

Now a deception did not come just from one source, but many.  Some from bloggers, some from family, and even some from a member from church.  The funny thing is that a deception started from all these sources within the same time frame.  Like I had said some were so subtle that I didn’t even notice it, while others were just a flat rejection of Jesus Christ.

I believe that God showed me that there are many deceptions that pull people from receiving redemption through Jesus Christ, or even keeping it.

  1.  The deceptive message will be so subtle that even a trained ear will not hear the deception.
  2. The deceptive message is right in your face.
  3. The deceptive message is even in our own churches.  (NOT ALL CHURCHES) but truly I tell you the truth, It is MANY even those who seem right on with Gods word are crafty.
  4. The deceptive message has been playing in the background for ages but we have grown immune to it, and do not recognize it any longer.

Anyway, this is still fresh for me so I am still sorting it all out.  I don’t have all the words to actually describe it.  If God wants I will share more of this at a later time.

I don’t even know why I am writing this, My intention here today was to direct your attention to a vision from 1973 by David Wilkerson on You Tube.  I would have shared the link by I’m not savvy in this area.  Its easy enough to find the full version of his vision.  Please let me know what your thoughts are.