Dream earthquake Pacific NW

God keeps pressing for me to share this dream I had 9 years ago.  I briefly described it in my first post.  I am going to share the entirety of the dream.  The dream is still very vivid like it happened yesterday.  Its like the dream is burned into my brain.

I was driving North on I-5 bridge in Oregon/Washington state.  This bridge connects these two states.  The day was an average day.  The weather was like the weather here between the seasons of Spring and Summer.  Not too hot not too cold.  It was sunny out.  I knew the race and car type of the women in front of me.

I knew what I was wearing.  The shirt I was wearing was black with three faces on it.  All three faces were faces of prominent Hispanics who have revolted against their government.  I have always known that these 3 faces on my shirt was important but I didn’t know why or what it meant.  God has been bringing this shirt to my attention the last few weeks.  These three faces represent the time of the earthquake.  It will be a time of unrest or revolt against our government.

I was about midway on the bridge when a massive earthquake struck.  When the earthquake struck I knew that the quake was a 9.+ in magnitude.  The bridge was twisting and my car started to go over the side of the bridge.  I could see the water of the river right below me.  I was going over front first.  Right before I hit the water, I was instantly in a waiting place.  It reminded me of a parking lot.  A big black flat surface with very few people there with me.  I knew that the others with me were all Gods children.  A man walked up to me and handed me a piece of paper with a scripture written on it.  I seen the scripture.  I then woke up.  When I woke up I was in shock.  I ran to my bible and read the scripture.  It was of a massive quake in the West.  I do not recall the scripture any longer.  I wish I could…

This dream is a literal thing that will happen.  Since my dream they have been warning of this happening.  I believe they call it the fault line.  When I first seen a news broadcast about this fault line 2 years ago, I was in disbelief.  They even warned that the quake would be a 9.2 quake.

In the last few weeks God has brought this dream to my attention.  At first it was him speaking to me about the shirt.  Then others that I have come in contact with have brought up a great devastation in the Pacific Northwest.  Others have spoken to me in concern about a great earthquake here.  And most recently they had a mandatory earthquake and tsunami drill in Washington State.   So, I believe that it is time to share this dream.

If there is anyone who is not a child of God.  That doesn’t know him intimately, I urge you to surrender your life to him.  Or if you are someone who is balancing on the fence I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and come upon you.  That you will surrender your life to God.

We only have one shot guys.  Once our physical bodies die, we have a whole other life to live in spirit.