Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying their week.  Getting the most out of each day, each second…

I wanted to post a dream I had this week.  It was on 6/5/16 sometime in the early am.  I am not sure what the meaning is.  I’m actually a little stumped.  It wasn’t a confusing dream and it wasn’t like some of my past dreams where I was required to study.  But for some reason I get this feeling there is a deeper message in it…

Me and my husband were at church.  We were sitting in the back left phew ( we normally sit in the middle phew on the far right side).  We were both standing and it was during worship.  There was a new women with brown curly hair on stage leading worship.  In my dream I had the impression she was a visitor to our church and she was going to lead worship and study.  When all of a sudden my husband walked to the outside of the isle and started yelling a warning to everyone about this women on stage.  He was circling the congregation and repeating the same things over and over.  He had to speak over the music because the worship team kept playing the music.  In my dream I knew he was speaking to everyone a prophetic warning about false teachers.  In real life my husband has never worked in the prophetic so I was a little thrown back in the dream.  We were then at the end of service some members of the congregation wanted to talk with my husband so I went out side of the church.  I seen a long bus, and for some reason I stepped onto the bus to take a look.  The bus had the drivers seat, to the right and a little back there was a one person seat, and then a one bench seat.  I noticed the lady that was leading worship was on the bus and I asked her why there were only these two seats on the bus.  She told me that One was for a man (in the dream she did give me the name of the person.  He is someone that many people looked up to in our church.  He recently left church to hit the streets to spread Gods word)  and she said the bench seat was for who ever.  She started to drive off with me in the bus.  I told her I did not want to go, that I want to be with my husband.  I told her to let me off the bus.  When I kept persisting she finally let me off the bus.  I was alone, it was dark and I was outside of a house that me and my husband will be moving to shortly.  I walked into the house and was looking in all the different rooms.  In my dream I felt a sensation like I was not alone in the house.  I felt a dark witchcraft presents.  I continued looking and started to notice that that same lady was with me in the house.  She was not with me in a physical way but in spirit only – I seen here like a ghost.  End of dream.