word for pastors and leaders

September 3rd 2015


In my dream, it was in October and at night.

We (me and my niece, she is 19 years old) were looking for costumes for Halloween that was to be that night. My niece showed me a pink dress, she was going to be a princess.

Then I was outside next to my old elementary school. I noticed everyone was looking up, so I looked up and seen something similar to the below picture.




In my dream it spanned the whole sky and it was much brighter and vibrant in my dream. In my dream I remember thinking wow that’s beautiful and weird. But didn’t pay much more attention to it than that. I walked to a parking garage; on a car I noticed a note that I had written and stuck to a car. The note was a reminder for me to do something by a certain time, but I can’t remember the time or what I was supposed to do.

Then I flew or floated over to a farm my husband was with me. We were looking down on a cow and her calves. They were in a pin and there was one brown adult female cow laying down and about 6 or 7 calf’s (all different ages and breeds) feeding or waiting to feed from the adult female cow. I said to my husband that is so cute. Look at all those calves.

Then I was walking by myself in the woods and I seen the same reminder note I had written. I then woke up.



We are going to go through great tribulation. Yes even the Church, even Gods children. Is my Church ready what is about to come?

The female cow represents the pastors the leaders of the churches. The calves are the members of the church. The Pastors/leaders have NOT fed their flock, they have not fed my children.

They are not speaking my truth, my word. They have led them astray.

They have love of money

They have love of themselves

They have love of power

They have love of fame

They worry about who will be offended by speaking my truth. Speak my truth. Speak my truth.

Will you feed my flock and teach them my truth? Will you teach them what times we are in and what is coming? Will you teach them how to combat the evil on the earth and in the air? Will you teach them to have an intimate relationship with me, to seek me? Teach them, teach them my truth. We are in serious times, we have no more time for laziness, idleness’, idle talk, Speak my truth speak my word.

The girl with the princess dress are members of church who are pretending or who do not know better because they have no one surrounding them teaching them Gods truth.

Are the leaders holding the flock accountable? Are they guiding them into my truth? Where are the leaders, where are my appointed leaders? Why are they not seeing the times we are in, where is the urgency, where is the hunger for me, why are they not seeking me out, where is my word of truth?