Awaken my slumbering church

God always gives me bits at a time, a little at a time. He brings me on a journey. God has asked me to do many things in my life that has been very hard. Each time a little piece of me, a little piece of my flesh is taken and replaced with a deeper realization, a deeper trust, a deeper relationship, a deeper love for our Lord God. Sometimes, I don’t want to do it. Sometimes it is hard to bear. Not because Gods requests are hard, but many times it’s because it’s hard for me to lay myself down. To lay my self’s will down. Many of you know the burden I am talking about. It isn’t the same kind of burdens from the world. The burdens we faced before knowing God.

In the world we are alone, lost with very little comfort if any. With God there is hope, there is love and peace. When I call on his name he answers. I am never left alone. Where ever God is calling you, you must go. No matter the burden, no matter the flesh that must be laid down.

I am going to take you on a journey that God has recently taken me on.

On 8/1/15 I kept thinking of a shofar being blown. As the day progressed I had a sense that I should ask Pastor if he could blow a Shofar in the next Sunday service. By the end of the day I did not call Pastor I was not obedient. The next Sunday I was praying and again the Shofar was brought to my mind. When I got to church again I got a sense to speak with Pastor about blowing the Shofar. God was telling me that there would be a releasing when it was blown. A releasing of what I did not know. I was not obedient to what God was telling me to do. I thought I was being silly, I thought it was my own thinking. I literally had no understanding of what a Shofar was, what it represented, what it was used for. I didn’t even know the name of it at this time.

On 8/11/15 I had a dream. I was at work with part of my family. My brother, sister, dad and all our children were there. We were sitting around this containment area that was filled with water talking and laughing. When my ex-husband walked up and my father asked him, why are you preventing my daughter from getting 1.4 million dollars (this part of the dream I do not know the meaning of. I want to give you a complete description of this dream I was given). Just as my father completed his question all the children ran up to me and said, Ryan is drowning in the water! I looked over and seen him lifeless. I ran over and pulled him out of the bottom of the water. I laid him down and prayed, Lord God do not let him die. As I was leaning down to resuscitate his lifeless body, he woke with a freight. He was crying and said, sorry for being bad, please forgive me. I then woke up.

On 8/24/15 my son woke me many times. He was wrestles. The second time he woke me I went back to bed. As soon as I snuggled up I heard a sound, a melody. I thought it sounded like a trumpet or a ram’s horn. The melody was the same for about 5 minutes, it was an audible sound. At first I was fearful because I wasn’t sure what was happening. I said, Lord? Is this from you? Peace came over me. I started counting the different pitches. I started to study this melody. I finally fell back to sleep. On my way to work I remembered what happened that night. I called Pastors wife because I needed direction, I needed some kind of understanding. As soon as I got off the phone, I looked on the internet to see if I could find a simi_Shofar_Blow[1]lar sound to what I had heard. I googled trumpet sounds and listened. It was very similar but didn’t sound exactly the same. I googled rams horn sounds and clicked on the first thing that popped up. It was the exact same melody and sound I had heard the night before. It was a Shofar! I truly couldn’t believe my ears. I had never heard this melody before. As I had mentioned above I had never known the name of a Shofar and what the significance of one was. After doing a little bit of studying, I found there are four prominent blasts. Typically all four blasts are played together. But the night before there were only 3 of these blasts. The first one I heard was called Tekiah. This blast is a call to awaken. The second one I heard was called Shvarim. This means broken, weeping, repenting. The third one I heard is called Takiah Hagodolah. This represents the great blast or the last blast.

This is the meaning:

God is calling his church to awaken. God said, “Awaken my slumbering church. The time is at your door. Repent, Repent, Repent, my slumbering church.” God is calling us to fall to our knees in repentance with great groaning and great weeping. It is time to set the wrong right. It is time to set yourselves in order, your house in order. This is the last warning to the church. God said, “Arise, wake up, repent.”

The boy that was dead in the water represents the church. We once were on fire for God but over time we have become dead we have not stuck to his statutes we have stopped repenting. God says, “Repent and I will resuscitate you. I will give you my fire from your youth. I will pour out my power upon you, my church. You will do great things for my glory.” Awaken my slumbering church, repent, the time is at your door.”

After I had received this word and revelation, I have been troubled. I have been troubled because God is right. th0MJH201T

Since then I have cried. I have repented. I continue to repent, I repent for the church, I repent for my disobedience, I repent for not ALWAYS putting God in his rightful place. I repent for all the sins of my family that have been passed to each generation. I repent for the sins of our Government our state. I don’t want to be left out of Gods plans, I truly don’t want to be disobedient, I want my Abba to be proud of me. I am troubled because as God says we must repent to receive this great outpouring. To receive his mercy and his grace. God is looking for a pure church. God can see the outwardly sins but he can also see our hearts, he can see our thoughts, he can see our motives. This is something that we cannot escape. GOD truly sees all he truly knows all.  This is why I am troubled, many may read this or have been told something similar to this, but disregards Gods words for this hour.  I almost did that…not just once but several times.  I don’t want anyone of his children to miss this last opportunity to repent.  Even though our God is a loving god he is also a holy God, he is righteous.  He can not have a dirty church, a sinful church.  It says in his word he will judge his church first.  Lets not forget that God reads the heart.  He knows when you ask for forgiveness and its not sincere…

With Gods blessing,