Taking time

Over this long weekend, I had an unexpected visitor.  It was a saleswomen.  Of course I never let them in because I don’t like pressure sales and it usually takes up so much of MY time.

On this occasion my husband answered the door while I was down stairs.  she told my husband that she would be back in 5 minutes even after my husband told them he wasn’t interested.  About 15 minutes later a sales lady came back.  At this time I had answered the door and wasn’t sure what had transpired 15 minutes prior to my answering the door.  After she had explained what had happened I reluctantly let her in…

On this particular day, I was very sad.  I felt weak and brittle.  I wanted to be alone so I can drown in my sadness : ).

After the presentation was over we went outside with the saleswomen to wait for her boss to pick her up.  She had asked me what I had done so far that day.  I had told her that I was reading a book about God and the illuminati.  She was very interested and started to ask questions.  She had told me what her beliefs were about God and why she doesn’t really pursue God or Christianity any longer.  She had been brought up in a religious family.  She had told me that there wasn’t much teaching on Gods love and mercy (not her exact wording but the same meaning).  She had told me she didn’t believe that a “GOD” would not love but only get angry and jealous.

I had told her that I grew up in a family kind of like that too and I understood what she was talking about.  I had told her that there are many who say they are Christians but don’t know Gods love.  I told her that there are many who say they are “CHRISTIANS” but are not really.  I told her that God loves all.  She had said she believes in a God or something bigger than her.  I told her that there is a GOD and there is a Satan like she was taught, but that God is loving and forgiving too.  We talked for about another 5 minutes on this topic.

Her boss pulled up and she walked out to the car, she turned back and ran up to me and gave me a hug, then another hug.  Not until that very moment did I know I was ministering to this young lady.  I thought I was just sharing my beliefs and she was sharing her beliefs.

On this particular day, God had different plans for me.  He did not want me laying around sulking.  God also had different plans for this young lady.  A seed was planted in her beautiful heart.

I pray that someone can come along and water it and nurture it.  I pray that God will mend her broken heart like he did for me.  I thanked God for this day.  For ministering to this young lady.  I thanked God for changing my plans.  I thank God that he forced me to take time out of my day for this young lady….