Prayer for the unbeliever

Good day!

I work in a construction like atmosphere.  I am the only woman that works here, and most of the guys that work here cuss like sailors, talk dirty (not to me), drink a lot, and don’t really have a Christian back ground.  Its not an ideal place for a Christian to work, but I believe God has brought me on this journey for a reason.

I myself, do not have a spotless background so I am not shocked when I hear the “F” word every time a sentence comes out, I do not get offended when I hear Gods precious name be put in vain, and I sensor out all the demeaning talk of women.  I actually like working here…I have found under all the roughness that I see and hear at work, the majority of my co-workers are teddy bears.  They are in search of what I have found, they are drowning out the pain and disappointments from the past.  They were damaged through out life and have not found the rescue boat yet.  They have not found Jesus.

thIY433XAEFor sometime now I have been praying that God would give me an opportunity to speak to my co-workers about God.  (Maybe it took so long for the prayer to be answered because I had to demonstrate a Christian life first?) Of course we all can speak about Gods goodness anytime we would like, but do we want to just speak about Gods goodness or do we want people to hear it too???  Do we want to say something that will push them away from knowing God???

The last two weeks I have either had an opportunity to say something about God, or they ask me something about God : )  This makes my spirit happy!  I love knowing that they are now being exposed to Gods truth to Gods light, they are being exposed to Gods rescue boat.

I love the reminder of Gods faithfulness in answering a righteous prayer.  I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at Gods love for his children and for those who don’t know him yet.  Yes, he still loves those who drink too much, those who use his name in vain, and those who speak of bad things.  He is holding out his loving hand to those who have not yet to find his saving grace.

I am hoping that you will share in praying for my co-workers and other unbelievers. That their curiosity will grow, that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak to them, that they will find Jesus.

I am hoping that you will share in praying for me to speak up when the Holy Spirit prompts me to speak and to keep quiet when I am not to speak (sometimes this is the hardest for me).

God Bless,