th1HUUKTZ7Although many are proclaiming the end is here…We as Christians forget to proclaim that the Great Harvest is here!  That the biggest out pouring of his spirit and power are here. The question is, are we as Christians ready for the plucking and the outpouring????

New Christians need a lot of good counsel from wise Christians.  This will take many Christians who know the word and live the word.

If we want to partake in the Great Harvest, prayer is also required.  I’m talking about laboring prayer, the prayer that takes dedication, time.

These two things are only a couple of things that need to be done for the Great Harvest.  So, are we as Christians ready?  Are we giving ourselves away selflessly to the word to get more understanding.  Are we giving ourselves away selflessly in laboring prayer and meditation to soften the dirt (the hearts of those who don’t know Christ)?  Or are we chasing our own pursuits in life first?

God knows how everything is going to play out.  God know where his children need to be in order for the Great Harvest to spring forth.  He is putting in place all that is to be done before the releasing.  Are we hindering him from it playing out faster?  Are we being obedient?  Not just in prayer, reading the word, and walking the way that is taught,  but in listening to God daily.  If he is telling you to reach out to someone, do it.  If God is telling you to step out of your comfort zone, well, then do it.  If God is telling you to do something that makes no sense.  Do it.  Gods plans are higher than ours, Gods plans for us are always good.  God has never failed me.  God has always been there for me.  When I choose to do his will things work out better, even when I don’t understand.

Lets stop being selfish, but selfless.  Lets stop being disobedient, but obedient.  Lets grow in God, lets help labor in this great and awesome movement of GOD!