God has been speaking to me a lot about deception the last two weeks.  He has been reminding me that Satan imitates.  I thought about when Moses was trying to bring the Israelites out of captivity.  God had instructed Aaron to perform a few miracles to show pharaoh that it was God that had sent them.  Then Pharaoh called his magicians to come and perform the same signs.  If magicians were able to perform signs and wonders, can it not be done today???  Like I said Satan is an imitator.  He is the ruler of this world and a master at deception.  I would like to remind all Christians to seek God in all things.  Do not believe all things you read, do not believe all things that is on media, and do not believe all things that you hear. Ask God for discernment for all things.  What appears to be good, may not…What appears to be a sign, may not.  I implore all to seek wisdom and discernment from God.

God Bless